ICAS Solution

  • Electronic Cheque Clearing System
  • Signature Verification System
  • IQA (Image Quality Assurance) for Scanners
  • Cheque Issuing System

IT Support Outsource

  • Database Management
  • Network Data Security Management

Software Development

  • Software specification
    (or requirements engineering)
  • Software design and implementation
  • Software verification and validation
  • Software evolution
    (software maintenance)

Identity and Security Authorization

  • Access Control Service
  • Digital identity
  • Hash-based message authentication code
  • Java Authentication and Authorization Service
  • Kerberos
  • OpenID
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Web.xml file

ICAS Solution

        IWIT has provided a total solution comply with ICAS Framework set by the Clearing House of Thailand. The system aims to support image-based cheque clearing process at branches of the banks in Thailand. IWT will consult and provide a capability that it interfaces with other systems, such as, Core Banking System, ICMG, Signature Verification System in which transaction conditions and format are agreed by each party.

         We, IWT, are a software company specialized in Banking and Financial applications. IWT fabricates and integrates the cheque processing system with image code using Panini Scanner to ensure best fitto the bank’s network and the cheque processing. Many banks have been installed our ICAS systemacross the country and using for cheque processing. Bank of Thailand is using our IQA (Image Quality Assurance) software to evaluate image quality received from banks and assure that it complies with Electronic Transaction Law.

         Panini is a leading Italian company in the development and production of machines for the Banking industry and Para Banking sector. Panini offers a state of the art cheque scanning ans transport in MICR. They have numbers of implementation for Cheque Truncation System and accumulates expertise in worldwide and also in Thailand.

We are looking for our company to be a leader of Information Technology over the Thailand Financial and Telecommunications industries,  focusing their core information system and information security system.   We are working hard to provide comprehensive solutions which meet to our customer’s need, as customers would rely on our One Stop IT Solution which would be worth to their investment.

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