Electronic Cheque Clearing System(ECS)

     The ICAS software provides controls of MICR and ChequeImage Scanner connecting to host system for both in-bound and out-bound chequeclearing path to Bank of Thailand. As our original software is made on windows base architecture, both a teller at branches and clearing house operator at center, can enjoy automated transaction processing among bank’s core-banking system and signature verification system, and easy manual operation for process verications. The chequeimage processing is a part of the chequetruncation system, and extends to a chequeclearing by image.

Signature Verification System (SVS)

     Our original software provides Automated Image ChequeVerification, which is connecting to ECS  and host system for both in-clearing  and returned chequeclearing path to Bank of Thailand. The SVS software is a Web base application with ease operation by bank teller. ChequePayment can be verified in automatic with rule-based definitions or manual intervention.  The SVS software is compliance with Bank of Thailand  framework

Image Quality Assurance (IQA)

     The IQA software is built on IQA engine  which comply with Financial Services Technology Consortium’s (FSTC) Image Quality and Usability Assurance  Standard. The IQA software can be plug into our ICAS system  for simultaneous verification after it scanned by a chequescanner, assist an operator to monitor and verify whether the chequeimage quality is pass or fail to a standard criteria. Operator can easily adjust IQA threshold parameter for correction.

Panini Scanner

     The Panini is a leading Italian manufacturer of machines in the Banking and Para Banking sector. Panini offers a state of the art chequescanning and transportation with MICR. They have a rich of expertise in ChequeTruncation System and  numbers of successful implementation in Thailand, as well as in world wide.

Cheque Book Issuing System

     A bank is issuing chequebook on request from their customers.  The Chequebook issue system provides sequential  printing of personal data and encode to MICR in one-pass. It guarantees no duplication numbering and keep chequerecord for reconciliation. It combines with security to prevent chequefraud under the bank of Thailand guild line. The Fuji  FZ is a high speed MICR encoding machine with auto hopper and inkjet printing head.

2-factor Authentication Web.xml Security

     Exchange document using XML security is increasing required today  to maintain privacy and confidentially. IWT XML Security software adhere to W3C standard and offer both the server site and client site. It is a web based application add-on with 2-factor authentication to tighten the security.    IWT XML Security include XML Digital Signature for integrity and signing solutions, XML Encryption for confidentiality, XML Key management for public key registration and validation.

     IWT 2-factor Authentication provides a back-end logic generating pin number given to client with a time-limitation which can be defend based on parameter set up on the server site. Only authorized client can login and exchanger data with server.


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